Eline Muriel – Strong Women

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Eline Muriel – Strong Women Miniatuur

Title artwork: “Strong Women” – Together we can do it
Year of production: 2021
Material: 3D printed resin
Color: White
Size: 13 cm x 16,5 cm x 22 cm
Edition: 1/100

The artwork should express the strength of the woman. The modern woman should be able to see herself in this woman. Because of the mirror finish in pink-chrome you can see a light reflection of yourself in the image. The Strong Women stands for strength and beauty. She is headed for the top. She is ready to fight for her successful career, but at the same time for her family. She is making this world a better place. On the back of the artwork it states ” Together we can do it”. This is also the message Eline wants to give to women: We have to work together to reach the top.

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