Ronald A. Westerhuis: SIZE DOES MATTER

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Ronald A. Westerhuis: SIZE DOES MATTER
Ronald Westerhuis (born in 1971) is a Dutch visual artist. He is the designer of the MH17 National Monument that was revealed in 2017 in the memorial forest near Vijfhuizen.

ISBN: 9789462621862
Number of pages: 264
Size: 24 x 32 cm
Binding style: Hardcover
Dutch | English

The indestructible, heavy structure and cold look of stainless steel are perfect for his sculptures. The artist doesn’t believe in boundaries or preconceived rules. He is working from his studios in Zwolle (Netherlands) and in Shanghai (China) on gigantic sculptures. This makes his sculptures real landmarks. Designs of 60-meter-high sculptures are the rule rather than the exception. “The sculpture itself does not get better as it gets bigger, but the impact of the sculpture does,” according to Westerhuis. By polishing parts of the steel, he creates reflecting surfaces that allow landscapes, clouds and observers to become part of the work.

Museum de Fundatie | Publisher Waanders & de kunst

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