11. Artist Talk – Willem Harbers – 20 augustus

10,00 incl. btw

Artist Talk – Willem Harbers – 20 augustus

Laat je inspireren door de boeiende artist talk van Willem Harbers tijdens ARTZUID 2023 op 20 augustus van 15:00 tot 16:00.

“Yes, that is something that intrigues me about your work as well. Maybe you’re not a “mad scientist” after all, but rather an archaeologist of sorts who has come from the distant future, bringing with him material remains or “evidence” from our contemporary civilization which he dug up somewhere in an effort to understand mankind in the early twenty-first century. Because this man from the future has to somehow identify meanings, functions, and connections—which is not always possible from the remote future perspective—he has to invent them anew based on the few bits and pieces of information that he has already. I guess that’s why your work sometimes appears both archaic and futuristic at the same time. And that’s where I can see affinities between your works and those of Panamarenko and Auke de Vries. You all seem to be talking about contemporary society from a more or less outside position, as though you were looking at us from an entirely different perspective and commenting on the absurdities you discover in our culture, trying to figure us out—but not really grasping everything, so that your perspective is somewhat off. But this being “off” is what makes the works so fascinating. That’s what makes your works appear so “in between.” Maybe that’s why they can be read in so many different ways, on so many different levels…”

Gérard Goodrow 2019

Reserveer nu uw plek voor slechts €10 per persoon en maak u klaar voor een middag vol kunstzinnige verhalen en betoverende inzichten. Let op: het aantal plaatsen is beperkt, dus wees er snel bij! Na de Artist Talk wordt er een kijkje genomen bij het kunstwerk op de tentoonstelling. Iedereen krijgt hierbij de gelegenheid vragen te stellen.

  • ±1 uur durende Artist Talk.
  • Locatie: Informatiepaviljoen ARTZUID (Minervalaan 1).
  • Vooraf reserveren is noodzakelijk.
  • Vergeet je (digitale)boekingsbewijs niet mee te nemen.
  • Taal: Nederlands

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